Lou Reed


Lou and his instrumental trio MM3 including Sarth Calhoun and Ulrich Krieger at the Rockefellar Music Hall in Oslo 26/4 2010,
photos taken by Brie Greenberg, Lars Ernestus and Thomas Andersen
followed by a couple of my shots from the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago 2009.

Lou Reed and Mikael Göransson, photo by Thomas Andersen

Lou Reed´s MM3 in concert, photo by Lars Ernestus

Thomas, Lou, Lars and Mikael, photo by Brie Greenberg

Mikael, Lars, Ulrich and Sarth photo by Brie Greenberg

MM3 in concert Oslo 26/4 2010, Photo by Lars Ernestus

Lollapalooza Chicago, august 2009, photos by Mikael Göransson.

Lou Reed at Lollapalooza 9/8 2009 , photos by Mikael Göransson